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Life Path Tables


Street Fighter: The Roleplaying Game

Life Paths provide a means of randomly (or semi-randomly) determining a history for a character. It can be used for player characters and NPCs alike. The results are left deliberately vague to better tailor them to the character in question. These are based on the Life Paths in Cyberpunk 2020. This is not intended to cover all possible events but only as a starting point in developing a character's history.

First comes a simple table for quickly generating a region of origin and ethnicity. Obviously there are far too many ethnicities to possibly cover in a single d10 roll and the following is only intended to get the ball rolling.




1: North America 1: Native American
2: South America 2: Indonesian
3: Europe 3: Brazilian
4: Africa 4: African
5: Russia 5: Japanese
6: Asia 6: Chinese
7: Middle East 7: Russian
8: Phillipines 8: Hispanic/Latin@
9: Indonesia 9: Caucasian
10: Australia 10: Other

Next comes the family and childhood for the character. First roll d10 to determine the character's number of siblings, then rank within the family followed by familial cohesion. Then follow the results of the family cohesion result to the next table. The number of rolls depends on how much detail you want to put into the character but one roll for events (both childhood and adult) every 3 years until age 15 is the general norm.

# of Siblings Family Rank
1-5: the # of siblings 1: last born
6-8: only child 2-8: middle of the pack
9: orphan 9: favored child
10: abandoned or abducted 10: reviled child
Family Cohesion # of relatives
1-2: broken home

The number indicated by the d10 roll indicates how many near relatives the character has who are aware of them and interacted with them (in a positive or negative way) while they were children.

This number never includes parents. You may notice there is no chart for determining gender. This can be done with a simple coin flip or the use of dice.

3-4: family broke apart gradually
5-6: average family
7-8: family gradually expanded
9-10: tightknit

1: An orphaned or abandoned child will need someone to take care of them even if they are living on the streets. The number of siblings roll can be repeated if they end up living with other children in their new environment.

2: In the Broken Home result the character's family was torn apart by some disaster. Roll once on both Event tables then roll once on the Childhood Events (Bad) list. Once cohesion has been established move to Childhood events.

Childhood Events Sibling Relations
1: Family Disaster 1-3: Indifferent
2: Event with Parent 4: Hates you
3: Event with Siblings 5: You hate them
4: Event with Friends 6: Mutual dislike
5-7: Childhood Event (Bad) 7: Mutual friendship
8-10: Childhood Event (Good) 8: Distant friendship
  9: Acquainted
  10: No relationship
Sibling Relations should only be determined for siblings who have survived to the present day. It also includes non-blood siblings and, if applicable, those reared alongside the character in a non-traditional setting such as in a temple.

The following two tables relate events that happened to people close to the character during childhood.

Event with Parent

(this can include legal guardians)

Event with Sibling

(also applies to friends)


Died in war -- One of your parents died in a war. They were a soldier, a reporter doing their job, an aid worker, or someone who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

1: Murdered -- Make a second d10 roll. On 1-5 the murderer was someone in the family. Otherwise it was a stranger. (If you don't know the person was actually killed it's the Vanished result below.)

Murdered -- One of your parents was murdered in cold blood.

2: Abused you -- Your sibling did things you'd rather forget about.

Suicide -- Unable to cope with living anymore your parent took their own life.

3: Abducted -- Your sibling was suddenly taken from the family. Roll d10 as outlined in Murdered above then move to Childhood Events (Bad).

Divorced -- Your parents divorced or otherwise separated.

4: Ran away -- Fed up with life in the family your sibling suddenly took off one day.

Scandal -- Your parent suffered a humiliating scandal that caused the whole family to suffer for awhile.

5: Moved away -- Owing to the pressures of life your sibling moved away either to pursue an education and a career or to live with distant parents or relatives.

Job Loss -- Job losses are tough but that's reality.

6: Incident at school - Roll an additional d10. On a result of 1-5 the incident was negative, otherwise it was neutral or positive.

Vanished -- One day you came home and your parent just wasn't there anymore.

7: Fell ill -- As the Event with Parent entry.

Sent overseas -- Your parent was sent overseas for at least since months.

8: Accident -- An accident befell your sibling. Roll an additional d10 to determine the severity. On a 10 they died.

Fell ill -- Illness fell upon your household as your parent struggled with a dangerous affliction. Roll once on the Childhood Events (Bad) table.

9: Vanished -- You don't know if your sibling was abducted, ran away, or simply parted ways. One day they just stopped being there with no explanation as to why.

Remarried -- Ignore this result if the parents stayed together.

10: Sent to Prison -- Convicted of a criminal offense your sibling was sent to prison.

The following tables relate things that happened to the character themselves.

Childhood Events (Good) Childhood Events (Bad)
1: New ally -- You made a trusted friend who stuck with you for years. (This can be someone you have as part of the Allies background.) 1: Hospitalized -- Following an accident or as the result of illness you had to be hospitalized for a significant period of time.
2: New friend -- You made a friend out of one of your classmates or the adults around you. 2: Violence -- You were the target of a violent act or crime.
3: Found Justice -- Some slight or crime against you was rectified with fines, jail time or other means of justice. 3: Accident -- You suffered an accident during your childhood and still bear a scar from the incident. Roll once on the Deformities table below to see where you were hurt.
4: Gift -- You received a gift which you would keep for years to come. 4: Death -- Someone (or something in the case of pets) close to you died.
5: Significant other -- You made a friend who was also something of a romantic interest. 5: Physical Illness -- Stricken with an affliction of the body you became very ill and needed medical intervention.
6: Came into money -- You or your family experienced a significant financial windfall. Roll an additional d10, divide by 2 and compare to the Resources background. 6: Mental Illness -- Consult the table below. If you don't have any mental illnesses as Flaws then the illness was successfully treated or managed.
7: Found family -- A lost or presumably deceased family member turned up safe and sound. 7: Lost Friend -- One of your good friends moved away or stopped speaking to you.
8: Scholarship -- You earned a scholarship. Now whether or not you used it is another story. 8: Victimized -- You were taken advantage of by someone you trusted and publicly humiliated.
9: Met with celebrity -- You got to meet a famous celebrity face to face. 9: Lost Property -- An item you considered irreplacable was lost, destroyed, or stolen.
10: 15 minutes of fame -- TV, magazines, newspapers - you or your family did somethign to earn the media's attention for a short while. 10: Disavowed -- Part of your family decided to disconnect from you. If this result appears three times during childhood events you were completely disowned.

The following tables include larger disasters and events that befell the character that still have strong lingering effects to the present day. These tables are also consulted as part of numerous other events.

Family Disasters Illnesses Deformities
        (The exact type of injury is left open to player interpretation.)
1: Flood -- Your home was ravaged by flood waters ruining virtually all of your possessions. 1: Schizophrenia 1: Arm -- This includes breaks, bone spurs, ongoing arthritis, and joint damage.
2: Fire -- Fire gutted your abode leaving you with the few meager possessions you managed to save while you fled. Roll once on Childhood Events (Bad). 2: Mania 2: Hand -- This includes carpal tunnel, lost or stunted fingers, and nerve damage.
3: Earthquake -- You were caught in an earthquake causing significant damage to the area. Roll once for Event with Parents and once on Event with Siblings to determine the degree of fallout from this disaster. 3: Depression 3-4: Leg -- As arm damage but to one leg.
4: Lost Home -- Your home was taken from you as part of commercial development, foreclosure, or an environmental disaster. 4: Nightmares 5: Foot -- Injuries to the ankles, toes, heel, arch of the foot, etc.
5: Exiled -- Your entire family was forced to leave and emigrate elsewhere in the world. Roll twice on each of the Event with Parent and Siblings tables. 5: Phobia 6: Abdomen -- Pelvic injuries of all kinds.
6: Financial Ruin -- Due to a bad investment, failed business, or government action your family was rendered destitute. 6: Compulsion 7: Chest -- Damage to the heart, lungs, collarbone, ribs, liver, and spleen.
7: Separated -- Forced apart by the winds of fate your family had to go their separate ways leaving you in the care of a temporary guardian. 7: Bi-Polar 8: Neck -- Injuries to the neck, voice, and spine belong in this category.
8: Imprisoned -- Your surviving parents (or guardians) were thrown into jail. 8: Narcissim 9: Back -- This can also include spinal injuries as well as damage to the shoulders and muscles.
9: Blood Fued -- Your family entered a deadly, unyielding fued with another family or organization that continued to rage for years. Roll twice on the Event with Parent and once on the Childhood Event (Bad) tables. 9: Body Dismorphia 10: Head -- Facial scars, lost hair, injury to eyes, nose, mouth, or ears.
10: Mental Breakdown -- Your family as a whole suffered a systemic nervous breakdown resulting in each member receiving a temporary derangement. 10: Other (GM decides)    

Departing childhood, the following tables will help build a personality for the character. Skip these if you already have this information.

Your General Personality Your Most Valued Trait
The Person You Value Most Sentiments Towards Other People?
1: Shy 1: Honesty 1: Yourself 1: Kill Em All!
2: Rebel 2: Integrity 2: Sibling 2: Fools & liars
3: Anti-social 3: Duty 3: Parent 3: Can’t be trusted
4: Moody 4: Loyalty 4: Extended family 4: They’re great!
5: Brash 5: Efficiency 5: Teachor/mentor 5: Tools for my use
6: Happy-go-lucky 6: Power 6: Significant other 6: Playthings to toy with
7: Serious 7: Knowledge 7: Best friend 7: Pain in the ass
8: Secretive 8: Honor 8: Sensei 8: Avoid 'em at all costs
9: Intellectual 9: Rationality 9: Co-worker 9: Potential friends
10: Arrogant 10: Ambition 10: No one 10: Indifferent
Your Most Valued Possession You Are Seeking... Person You Despise the Most Worst Thing That Could Be Done to You (hypothetically speaking)
1: Heirloom 1: Money 1: Yourself 1: Raped
2: Weapon 2: Power 2: Sibling 2: Betrayed
3: Photo 3: Love 3: Parent 3: Tortured
4: Book 4: Revenge 4: Extended family 4: Deceived
5: Clothing 5: Friendship 5: Teachor/mentor 5: Friend or lover murdered
6: Car 6: Party Time! 6: Ex-Lover 6: Left for dead
7: Toy 7: Honor 7: Ex-friend 7: Assaulted
8: Instrument 8: Glory 8: Sensei 8: Infected with a deadly illness
9: Gadget 9: Knowledge 9: Co-worker 9: Mind control
10: Diary/Journal 10: Adrenaline rush 10: No one 10: Other (specify)

Last but not least come events that happened after the character reached adulthood. If the character isn't old enough yet the following tables obviously don't apply.

  Life Events (start here) Personal Disasters Lucky Breaks
Start with the Life Events chart then follow the branches as required. 1: personal disaster -- see the personal disaster table 1: Death in family -- Someone important to you in your family died. 1: financial windfall -- You got lucky and came into some money unexpectedly.
2: new enemy -- Consult the enemies table 2: Death of lover -- A lover died. 2: circuit friend -- You made a friend in the local fighting circuit.
3: possession lost -- as Lost Property 3: Death of friend -- One of your good friends died. 3: new connection -- You established a new professional contact.
4: lucky break -- see lucky breaks table 4: Accident -- consult the deformities table 4: clear your name -- You were able to erase a past mistake or glory loss.
5: friend -- you made a friend 5: Illness -- You became ill and had to spend time and money tending to your health. 5: new job -- You were offered a new job.
Children: 6: lover -- you took on a new lover 6: Addiction -- Gain 1 point of the Addiction flaw. 6: bit of glory -- You managed to impress someone. Gain 2 temporary glory.
1-4: miscarriage or abortion, no children were born 7: training -- You devoted at least 6 months to martial arts training. Gain an additional Freebie Point to spend on maneuvers or combos. 7: Wanted -- A warrant was issued for your arrest. If you didn't serve time or get the mess taken care of the warrant still stands at the start of play. 7: ally in the law -- You made an ally in law enforcement. This can be used to clear up a prior legal entanglement.
5-7: one child 8: breakup -- one of your relationships ended badly 8: Hunted -- Someone outside of law enforcement stalked and harassed you. 8: corporate friend -- You made an influential friend among business people.
8-9: twins 9: betrayed -- consult the personal disaster table to see what level of fallout occured 9: Imprisoned -- You spent time in prison and have a criminal record. 9: new team -- You joined or were offered a spot on a new fighting team.
10: multiple birth 10: child -- A child or pregnancy entered the picture. 10: Destitute -- You suffered financial ruin and had to start over monetarily. 10: new sensei -- You ran across an older fighter willing to teach you a thing or two.
Enemies 1-3: mortal foe -- The two of you despise each other and spare no opportunity to hurt one another. 3-6: rival -- You developed a rivalry with a colleague or fellow fighter. 7-8: lost friend -- One of your friends turned against you.
(after determing who the enemy is continue to the enemies tables listed below.) 9: animosity with child -- One of your children became hostile. (re-roll if you have no children) 10: distant lover -- A lover turned on you.  
What are you going to do about your new enemy? Your enemy has... Cause?
1: Make their life miserable -- Death is too good for your foe. First they must suffer a lifetime of misery and loss for what they've done. 1: An entire army 1: someone died
2: frame them for a crime -- Your enemy deserves no better then to spend the rest of their lives inside a jail cell and you're quite willing to put them there no matter what it takes. 2: govt. agency 2: some nearly died
3: Just kill them -- You don't want much, just for your enemy to die. 3: A large business 3: loss of job/face
4: Revenge! -- You will exact retribution of equal measure to the manner in which you've suffered at their hands. 4: A small business 4: loss of money
5: Try to turn them around -- The animosity is a misunderstanding and you intend to correct things peacefully if possible. 5: Gang network 5: loss of property
6: Recruit them -- Obviously they are mistaken and misguided but with proper leadership their lives will improve. 6: one gang 6: accusations
7: Ignore them -- You've already wasted enough time on this person; time better spent on pursuing your own goals. 7: a school 7: abandonment
8: Get what belongs to you -- Your enemy stole something (money, an object, or in the metaphorical sense) and you intend to get it back. 8: a dojo 8: romantic fallout
9: Become successful to spite them -- Your enemy thinks you're worthless, a lost cause, but you'll show them just how good you really are despite their interference. 9: part of the circuit 9: betrayal
10: Marry them! -- If you can't beat 'em, join 'em as the saying goes. 10: TV personality 10: foiled their plans